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Wireless Temperature Monitor

Automated wireless temperature monitor systems, with alarm management, for Food Service, Retail, Production, Medical and the Warehousing & Storage of temperature-sensitive goods.

Have you ever wondered how to get alerted before your cold chain is broken and you lose your inventory due to refrigerator and freezer breakdowns? With our wireless temperature monitor system, it is easy and convenient, with automated SMS, e-mail and visual alerts it is easy. Our hardware footprint is small and will not deface your displays or interfere with your operations.

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Our wireless temperature alarm and environment monitoring systems are used across a broad range of market sectors, meeting the most stringent standards to assist compliance with HACCP, BRC, FDA and MHRA requirements.

Wireless Temperature Monitor Focus

Food Services & Retail

Medical & Laboratory

Storage & Distribution

Wireless Temperature Monitor

At a glance

Our monitoring systems are cloud-based and connect directly to your business’s IT network. Everyone that needs access can have access to data about your wireless temperature monitor system. There’s no need for any dedicated PCs, servers or specialist software. Data can be viewed directly on the base station or via a standard web browser.

Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensors

  • LONG range wireless sensors
  • User-replaceable 2 year battery life
  • A vast array of sensor types


  • Alarm notifications
  • Multiple users
  • Tamper-proof records
  • Graphing and reporting
Installation of monitoring system


  • No server or dedicated PC
  • Subscription free
  • No software installation
  • Easy to retro install
Temperature monitor

Wireless Temperature Monitor Benefits

  • Saving time with globally accessible data

StorePoint wireless temperature systems allow our clients to access data wherever they are from a secure cloud-based control panel. Any internet-enabled device, from a PC to a smartphone, can access the data enabling our clients to manage a single fridge to every appliance within a storage facility and transportation network used in the time temperature-sensitive products’ life cycle.

  • 24-hour monitoring with alarm notifications

Our wireless solutions include wireless temperature alarm systems which product intelligent warning notifications when parameters are breached. This gives clients the freedom from manual monitoring and better accuracy with higher response times for enhanced temperature control. Clients can define multi-level thresholds for each sensor which, when triggered, will dispatch a series of detailed SMS or email warning messages in addition to audio/visual warnings. This data can then be viewed in audit-ready reports.

  • Increasing productivity & analysis with PDF reporting

Audit ready software and PDF reports present data in an easy to analyze format. By eradicating the need for manual reviews, we ensure clients can be more productive and knowledgeable in the safety of their products. PDF reports are automatically compiled and distributed to approved personnel containing critical statistics, alarm events, and user comments, making surprise regulatory audits a breeze.

  • Inventory Loss Prevention

Our wireless temperature monitoring system has proved itself in a valuable tool to prevent stock loses and make sure you are alerted in any strange behavior of your refrigeration equipment. This ensures you can take preventative measures.

Wireless Temperature Monitor 2

Save time, increase productivity and improve accuracy in one with our wireless temperature monitoring solutions. Make a general enquiry or call +27211101259 to talk to an expert who can craft a bespoke monitoring solution for your needs.

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